Secret Passage

“At night, the Japanese capital sleeps deeply but isn’t drowned in darkness nor lost in silence.”

Under a tepid incessant rain, the neon draw opalescent reflections on black asphalt.

Everything melts in the night, in the meanders of luminescent lumbering tunnels, between secret passages and narrow streets of a sleepless metropolis. Wandering, nameless and ageless women, are lost in these evanescent illuminated tunnels where love stories are consumed between future and present, in secret doors as in the famous film of Wong Kar-wai in the famous 2046 film or they provoke, wrapped in mystical pink, Lilac, and silver, embroideries and pailettes as in Alice in Closer.
Female desires deforms between sounds, echoes and glare.

In the slow rhythm of these places and of these atmospheres at the limit between the future and the unreal, between Japanese clubs and the romantic writings of Banana Joshimoto, emerges the unique creations of the capsule collection “Secret Passage” designed by Massimiliano Zumbo.